First week of adventures!

Hi everyone!

I’m a week into this adventure and to be completely honest, it has been a bit challenging. My first couple of days onboard the Africa Mercy weren’t particularly the best days of my life. It’s a whole new world here and there has been a lot to take in and adjust to very quickly. Since Wednesday, every day has been a little better than the one before. I’m meeting lots of new friends and doing all I can to be involved with the African people.

Monday I had a beautiful, unexpected moment. Coming here I had all these expectations of what I thought it would be like. For 7 years now I’ve had a picture in my mind of how I imagined my life would be here on the Africa Mercy. However, after finally getting here, to my surprise, it is a lot different than I have always imagined it being. Luckily, my friend Becca has been preparing me for what to expect, but even still a lot of it you just have to see for yourself to understand. With everything being so different than I imagined, I was a bit discouraged after arriving. I immediately started to question whether or not I made the right decision by coming here. Thankfully, on Monday I had my moment of confirmation that I absolutely made the right decision.                            Gillian and I were wondering around the ship trying to figure everything out. At the time we were unaware of the awesomeness that takes place on Deck 7 every day. So we open the door to walk out on the deck and there we are greeted by all of the patients, children and adults, outside on the deck, playing and enjoying the fresh air. I froze right there for just a minute. I looked around and saw all of those faces and I was quickly reminded why I’m here. It also finally hit me that I have FINALLY, after 7 years of waiting, made it to the Africa Mercy!  It was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen in my life! So many emotions and so much confirmation came to me in that moment. Tear of absolute joy filled my eyes. I am really here! I am finally a part of this incredible, selfless organization, providing hope and healing to such broken and hopeless people. I’m here!! 🙂

My 8-3 job here is taking care of the new crew members that arrive. I set up their rooms, meet them when they walk onto the ship, give them tours and make sure they have everything they need to be successful and happy while onboard the Africa Mercy. It’s not exactly the job I envisioned myself having while preparing to come here, but I’m completely trusting in the fact that I’m exactly where they Lord wants me to be. My dad keeps telling me one thing and although it makes me laugh a bit, it’s very true; “If you can’t open the door to the car, you will never be able to drive the car.” That statement and trusting in the Lord is what is keeping me encouraged to do this job with a smile and the best I can.

During my free time I have been finding every opportunity possible to be involved with the patients in our hospital and the people of Conakry. I have joined the ‘adopt a patient’ program. I have been added to the list to observe surgeries by actually being in the OR. I have become a volunteer to work with the woman at the Women’s Prison. I have become a volunteer to work at the Baby Rescue Center. At 2:30 every day, I go out to Deck 7 and spend time with all the patients that are able to go outside. I take a few minutes whenever I can to go out on the dock and spend time with the people waiting under the tent for their follow up appointments. I have also taken time to simply walk around town to be a part of the Guinea culture.

Saturday morning I went to the Women’s Prison for the first time. I expected it to be very small, dirty and smelly. I expected the women to be mean and a bit nasty. To my surprise it wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. Of course it wasn’t the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, but it’s livable. The second I walked into the door, every woman shook my hand and told me good morning. As I walked past their living area and into their activity room, I was immediately welcomed with singing and dancing. For about an hour, I was in this room with all these women prisoners, singing and dancing. Since they speak French, I have no idea what we were singing, but nonetheless, I loved every second of it. I didn’t know their language, I didn’t know their songs, I didn’t know their dances, but they grabbed my hands and made me a part of it all anyways. It was so amazing! We also worked with some of these women on their English which I found to be a very challenging thing to do since I can’t speak their language. We also work with them on different crafts because we are trying to teach them things they can market once they are finally out of prison. This time with them I also loved! Sitting around on the ground, talking and laughing with them was such a great moment. For whatever reason, they LOVE my hair and continually asked me to cut it off and give it to them so they can put it on their head. One woman actually told me that if I don’t cut it off for her then she isn’t going to let me leave so I will also become a prisoner. Ha! It was very amusing to say the least. I’m so excited to be able to continue to work with these ladies throughout my time here. They need people to come in and love them and that is something I am very happy to do!           There are of course quite depressing stories that come along with each woman there. I won’t go into their stories, but I will say that these women need all the prayers we can say for them. Some of these women have been in prison for years and have yet to go before the judge for their trial. Years into their prison time and they still have no idea how long they will be in there. Also, in the prisons here, if you are pregnant when you go into prison, your child also becomes a prisoner. There is a beautiful, sweet little 3 year old boy who has been a prisoner his whole life because his mother was pregnant with him when she entered prison. It’s so heartbreaking for me to think that this precious 3 year old has never seen outside of those walls his whole life. What’s even worse is he is not allowed to sleep with his mother. He sleeps in another building where the guards look after him and so we can only imagine what this little boy has been through or what he will go through in the future. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to show you because we are not allowed to have our cameras in the prison.

Saturday evening I went to the Baby Rescue Center. I fell in love the second I drove in the gate. My job at the center is to love on babies. I feed them, change them, play with them, dress them and love them!  I do have pictures to share with you:

We were blowing bubbles for the kids and, David, the little guy to the right LOVED it!


I was having a tickle fest with this little one

Image Image

This little guy is only a week old 🙂

Imagebebe 013

These two little boys have Cerebral Palsy and because of that they were abandoned by their families.



All of these precious babies have been left or abandoned by their families. They have been found in the streets, in the trash and other unimaginable places. Being able to play a part in helping to restore these babies is something I am so happy to do. Loving them is so easy so it’s so hard for me to understand how anyone could not want them.

This is all I have time to write about today. Hopefully, I will be able to write again soon.

I miss you all dearly!



About lisamhart

My biggest passion and desire for my life is to simply 'help people'. There is truly nothing in this life I want more. So is what I've done to begin to accomplish this passion; I left my amazing job, I moved out of the house and into a storage unit, I said goodbye to my family and my Kevin, I packed up two bags and headed to Guinea, Africa to volunteer a year of my life to work on a free hospital ship. After a few months in Guinea, we then sailed to Congo which is where I will spend the last 5 months of time with Mercy Ships.
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8 Responses to First week of adventures!

  1. Wendi says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! Oh my gosh, Lisa! What amazing opportunities you are having! Love the pictures of the babies. Hug them a little for me!!!

  2. Love the blog. Keep them coming!

  3. Trisha Callahan says:

    This is awesome Lisa!I am readingthis to my babies and they are amazed!!

  4. Kay says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly!!! Seeing you with the babies…totally you! Your dad is right of course (when has Tony Hart not been right? lol) Opening the door is what gets you in the car…my way of saying that is, sometimes you have to walk down one road to get TO THE ROAD God really wants you to live on! If you are not willing to walk down the first one, you will never get to the one where you will spend the most time on, but very often that leads to another road and then another…just remember, it’s all about the journey, not a destination. Love you girl!

  5. Brooke says:

    OMG….just knowing that your sweet, loving, unselfish spirit is going to have the greatest impact on those people and babies has brought tears to my eyes! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! The work that God is going to do thru you is just overwhelmed me with joy because I know that you are happy and THIS is why you are here 🙂
    I love you dearly my little Lisa!!!

  6. Marion says:

    Lisa, you have always continue to amaze me with all your positives, knowing you are being guided by the greatest God. You sure look happy, we are blessed by your smiles. May this journey continue to offer such blessings. I love you!

  7. says:

    Lisa this is awesome! I was just eating up every word you wrote. Girl I miss you, but I know your living out your dreams! Thanks for the blog, and yea just like David said, keep them coming girl!! 🙂

  8. kathy scogin, says:

    Been trying all week to sit down and read…. hate that it took me this long…. brought me to tears.
    love you lisa ! 🙂
    Give thouse little ones some love from me too !!! 🙂

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